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Let us custom build, design, remodel, repair, filter and maintain your pond for you.

Ponds can take on a number of shapes and forms, themes and settings. They can be chlorinated or left to nature's follies. Dragonflies and frogs are typically present within days of filling them with water.


Inadequate circulation i.e. letting the pond sit and not running the pump. Stagnation and sunlight cultivate algae. As a pond runs, it aerates (oxygenates) a pond which can dry out suspended algae. String algae can be removed by hand and controlled through algaecide. Most natural products perform poorly.


The roots of aquatic plants collect dirt and debris. Too many can cause dirt to build up and discolor the water. Plants need to be thinned and rinsed periodically.


Most of the repairs we are called out on are due to poor construction or leaks from improper construction.
It takes time and experience to learn the right way to install one. Even after installation, there are still small adjustments that need to be made to direct the flow of water to keep as much inside the pond as possible.
Loss of water can occur from splashing and evaporation. Either of these can drain a pond within a few days.

Creating a thin sheet of water on the feature can create an attractive spot for birds, butterflies and honey bees to drink from. The shallower the better.

On average, most of our ponds are 3'+ in depth. This allows for the optimal depth for water lilies and protection for the fish from raccoons and birds.
The following pond splits around and island in the center as it meanders through this customer's yard. It took six months and 90 tons of stone to build.

New Construction

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